I’m Tyler and this is a website.

This is my first attempt at actually keeping a blog so we’ll see where things go!

If you’re wondering about the name Tanyoon you wouldn’t be the only one. I made up the name Tanyoon Kamani years and years ago, probably around the age of 10, for a comic that I thought I was going to write with my friend. Tanyoon was based off of Samus Aran and by based I mean a essentially a re-color (please don’t sue me Nintendo). I thought I was the coolest kid ever because I came up with a character that had the same initials as me. I still think it’s pretty cool. Maybe someday I’ll get good enough at 3D modeling and I’ll print him or maybe I’ll just try to find my old sketches…

I’ll be posting about different projects that I’m working on in my free time around my job as a Web Developer. I have quite a few hobby interests ranging from woodworking to 3D Printing to Nerf Blaster modification and a bunch of geeky stuff like Dungeons and Dragons and PC Gaming. I’ll also likely just post about things that I think are interesting and that I want share my thoughts on.

So if any of those things interest you and you want to read about them stick around!