Whiskey Advent Calendar

Yeah, so that’s a thing.

Master of Malt sells different versions of their advent calendar including gin, tequila and rum variants as well as higher priced whisky versions with more expensive samples. For example, the cheapest calendar is the Vodka version for $105 and the most expensive is the Very Old and Rare version for $10,568 (that’s not a typo, the oldest spirit in that one is aged 60 years and a full bottle costs $14,790). Each calendar includes 24 3cl samples in a wide range of their respective spirit.

The full list of their calendars can be found here.

We ordered the basic Whiskey Advent Calendar (red version ’cause Christmas) and it shipped very quickly. I had it shipped to work because a signature was required and I knew that my co-workers would get a kick out of it. haha

I plan on writing a review of each week as we taste them. That said, I generally have no idea what I’m talking about. You won’t be getting any kind of in-depth review with specific tasting notes here. What you will get is the most basic review of some whiskey from someone who likes whiskey and wants to share in this experience, I’ll tell you if I like it or not and why and if anything sticks out.

Hopefully this goes well, I’m pretty excited!

Update 12/14: So this is hard and I really don’t know what I’m talking about… Soooo I’m not gonna post reviews. I will however update this post again when it’s over and give a general overview and maybe my favorite.

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