Han Solo’s Dice

This was a quick project I threw together over a couple days after watching Solo (which I loved by the way).

What to use:

  • Model from Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2853713
  • Grey PLA filament
  • Gold spray paint
  • White spray paint/primer
  • Black model paint
  • Glossy clear coat
  • Gold colored necklace chain from Michael’s craft store
  • Gold colored necklace rings from Michael’s

What to do:

  1. Print the model with whatever material you want
    • PETG would be better since it behaves way better in the sun but PLA is fine
    • I printed it at .1mm layer height to get some good detail
  2. Clean the print up if needed
    • I had a little scar/artifact on the same side on both dice so I used some small files to clean it up
  3. Drill a small hole in a corner to put the ring through for the necklace
    • There were models on Thingiverse that already had loops for necklaces but I liked the way this looked better
    • You could also use a program like Meshmixer to add a hole but I was worried such a small hole might not print well and need to be drilled anyways
  4. Prime the dice
    • If you use a light enough material you could skip this step but it helps fill in some of the layer lines and gives a smoother look
  5. Spray the dice gold
    • Use as many coats as you think are necessary, I did a bunch because this also helped fill in some layers and gaps
  6. Use your black model paint to weather the dice a bit
    • This also isn’t necessary but I thought it’d look cool
    • You could use other colors too for more depth
    • It worked ok, I still need to work on my detailing skills
  7. Spray a few coats of clear coat to seal and protect the paint
  8. Size the necklace chain and attach
    • I chose an arbitrary length that I thought looked good and would hang well from my rearview mirror
  9. Jump to Hyperspace

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