D&D Minis

Over the past few years I’ve played in a few Dungeons and Dragons campaigns. If you’ve never played I highly recommend it! I know it sounds super nerdy and weird, which it is, but it’s actually very approachable if you have the right group.

I’ve had 3 characters but I’ve only printed 2 of them and a companion for a friend’s character.

Here’s some pictures, sorry for the quality, I really need to up my photography game…

What I used:

What I Did:

  1. Create a model on HeroForge, purchase the STL and download
    • HeroForge is a great website for creating a custom mini if you don’t want to or can’t model your own
    • Make sure you choose the STL/digital download at checkout unless you want them to make it for you, which is totally reasonable cause their quality is great
  2. Import the model into Meshmixer and follow the instructions on the Reddit link
    • This is difficult, it takes a while to dial it in and usually there are a lot of unnecessary supports and you’ll have to manually edit them
    • This will also almost always need to be done for each new model
  3. Slice and print the model
    • Contrary to popular belief you can get good results from almost any printer
    • Obviously a SLA printer would be best
    • You don’t need a crazy small diameter nozzle, 0.4mm is fine but making sure you have the right layer height is super important
    • Any material should work, just use something that you have experience with and have a good dialed in profile for
  4. Remove or dissolve the support
    • If you can, definitely use soluble supports but since most people don’t have dual extruders this part is gonna suck
    • Take your time especially around weapons and arms
  5. Clean up remaining flash
    • I’ve had good results using a small butane torch to clean up stringing and small bits of flash but be careful not to melt your model, a heat gun would probably be better
    • I use jewelry files to clean things up a little more
  6. Prime the print
    • Pretty simple, this helps fill in some cracks and gives you a better painting surface
  7. Paint!
    • This is the fun part!
    • I am by no means a master painter but like with all the other steps take your time, it’ll turn out fine and you can only get better
  8. Clear coat
    • Optional but nice
  9. Slay evil monsters and save the realm!

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