New Hobby: Radio Control

I’ve always been a little interested in RC planes and multirotors and model/toy aviation but not enough to really try to get into it. I’ve had a few off-the-shelf drones from Toys ‘R Us but it always seemed too expensive and difficult to get into any real hobby grade stuff.

Enter FliteTest. They’re a YouTube channel that focuses on model aviation and teaching people how they can get into the hobby. They also talk about full scale general aviation but their main focus is definitely on multirotors and foamboard aircraft. I found them a little under 2 years ago when I stumbled upon their Avengers Helicarrier video. It looked really fun and they way they gave the build information in the video was very approachable. However, at that time I wasn’t quite invested in it enough to do anything but enjoy the video and show a few friends. It wasn’t until about 6 months ago that another of their videos popped up on my feed and I got sucked down a rabbit hole for like an hour. After that I was hooked!

I still couldn’t really get too much into the hobby grade stuff since it is a little expensive and definitely time consuming so I kept playing around with the off-the-shelf drones. I got better and better at flying those and began learning more and more about the hobby. But just yesterday I got my first hobby grade quadcopter! I’ll write another post soon about my first experiences with it.

I’ve got a couple plans for things that I’m wanting to build including: a racing/acrobatic quadcopter, a VTOL plane of my own design and a brushless micro quad among other things.

I’m super pumped​ and I can’t wait to really get in there and share my experiences!


We ordered a 3D Printer!


Yesterday (11/28) I placed an order for the Prusa i3 MK2 with black printed parts. At the time of purchase the kit was $699 plus shipping, which to Ohio for 2-3 day was ~$70. The kit included a 1kg spool of white PLA, unfortunately when I placed my order the silver was unavailable (but I’ll probably order it after the white runs out, or before) and the site said that orders would not ship by Christmas due to 5-6 weeks of lead time. Oh well, it’ll give me time to work on my 3D modeling skills which haven’t been touched since those 3 weeks in 2011 during my only semester of Mechanical Engineering.

Prusa Research also sells the MK2 as a pre-assembled and tested product for $899. My wife and I opted for the kit because it sounded more fun (we hope). I felt comfortable doing that due to the inbuilt tests that Prusa has included to make sure that you’ve put it together correctly, which is great since this is our first printer and we’ll have no idea what we’re doing…

I’m in the process of building a new PC for development/modeling/gaming/Netflix (let’s be honest) so I plan on reconfiguring my old build to be the home server and dedicated printing machine. Or I’ll give it to my wife and use hers, we’ll see, depends on if she gets that laptop.

I don’t have a first print planned but I’ve certainly got a few ideas:

  • 3D Catan Pieces
  • A dice tower for D&D
  • Nerf stuff (so many things…)
  • Enclosures for the home automation system I want to build (but that’s a whole ‘nother post of its own…)
  • A fix for my car’s horrible cupholders
  • But for real, a lot of stuff

I can’t wait to get it and put it together! I’ll be sure to make another post detailing our experience building it and doing our first print!

UPDATE 12/6: I noticed that the silver PLA was back in stock so I messaged customer service to see if they would switch out the white I chose for the silver and within a few hours I got a response that said they would! Great customer service!


Hi there!

I’m Tyler and this is a website.

This is my first attempt at actually keeping a blog so we’ll see where things go!

If you’re wondering about the name Tanyoon you wouldn’t be the only one. I made up the name Tanyoon Kamani years and years ago, probably around the age of 10, for a comic that I thought I was going to write with my friend. Tanyoon was based off of Samus Aran and by based I mean a essentially a re-color (please don’t sue me Nintendo). I thought I was the coolest kid ever cause I came up with a character that had the same initials as me. I still think it’s pretty cool. Maybe someday I’ll get good enough at 3D modeling and I’ll print him or maybe I’ll just try to find my old sketches…

I’ll be posting about different projects that I’m working on in my free time around my job as a Web Developer. I have quite a few hobby interests ranging from woodworking to 3D Printing to Nerf Blaster modification and a bunch of geeky stuff like Dungeons and Dragons and PC Gaming. I’ll also likely just post about things that I think are interesting and that I want share my thoughts on.

So if any of those things interest you and you want to read about them stick around!