New Hobby: Radio Control

I’ve always been a little interested in RC planes and multirotors and model/toy aviation but not enough to really try to get into it. I’ve had a few off-the-shelf drones from Toys ‘R Us but it always seemed too expensive and difficult to get into any real hobby grade stuff.

Enter FliteTest. They’re a YouTube channel that focuses on model aviation and teaching people how they can get into the hobby. They also talk about full scale general aviation but their main focus is definitely on multirotors and foamboard aircraft. I found them a little under 2 years ago when I stumbled upon their Avengers Helicarrier video. It looked really fun and they way they gave the build information in the video was very approachable. However, at that time I wasn’t quite invested in it enough to do anything but enjoy the video and show a few friends. It wasn’t until about 6 months ago that another of their videos popped up on my feed and I got sucked down a rabbit hole for like an hour. After that I was hooked!

I still couldn’t really get too much into the hobby grade stuff since it is a little expensive and definitely time consuming so I kept playing around with the off-the-shelf drones. I got better and better at flying those and began learning more and more about the hobby. But just yesterday I got my first hobby grade quadcopter! I’ll write another post soon about my first experiences with it.

I’ve got a couple plans for things that I’m wanting to build including: a racing/acrobatic quadcopter, a VTOL plane of my own design and a brushless micro quad among other things.

I’m super pumped​ and I can’t wait to really get in there and share my experiences!